About Us

Empowering the community through skill and knowledge

This Community College is sponsored by Indrani Brijdeo Sahay Foundation, a Trust registered under Indian Trust Act at Kartik Oraon College Campus, Ratu, Ranchi District, Jharkhand. It is a part of establishing Community College all over India by Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Community College is a new alternate system of education aimed at empowering the disadvantaged and underprivileged community through skill based education & training. Community Colleges have emerged out of the growing needs of the unemployed rural youth and disadvantage sections of the society who usually fail to acquire skills for gainful employment.

A Community College has been defined as any Institution accredited to award an Associate Degree within 2 years as its highest degree after +2 pass with flexibility to vertical integration to third year of degree programmes of the University as prevailing in other Countries. Along with Associate Degree the Community College may also award Diploma & Certificate through various subjects of different fields.

The Community College is an autonomous body and is having own Community College Board, Academic Council and Examination Committee with representatives of IGNOU, leading educationalists, Industrialists and Community Leaders.

This Community College is having good open area surrounded with green trees with spacious class rooms, laboratory, computer lab, library and other amenities. A number of innovative programmes have been designed taking into consideration the requirements of the Community.